A Cut Above


Welcome to JT REPAIR, INC

JT Repair is a leader in gas apparatus and welding equipment repair in South and Central Texas. We are known for our repair work of welding, cutting, and positioning equipment from all brands. We repair all warranty and non-warranty equipment.

As an authorized repair center for all major brands of welding and cutting equipment, we have factory expert technicians on our staff to perform the repairs and handle all factory warranty claims.

If you are looking for used equipment for welding, cutting or positioning equipment. click here.


Established in 1995, formerly known as JT Supply & Repair, JT Repair offers many services such as welding equipment repairs and equipment rentals.

We provide warranty in South and Central Texas. We can also customize all kinds of control cables for your welding equipment.

We do field calibration for your welding equipment too. We can come to your facility and carry out the calibrations on your welding equipment, which can be traced back to NIST.

Contact us on 281-489-3180 for any welding equipment repair needs.